Who Pays For Bridesmaid Dresses?

Who pays for bridesmaid dresses Being a bridesmaid is one of the most exciting and fun times of your life but it can also be quite expensive. Being asked to be a part of your bestie’s special day can involve travel, accommodation, gifts and even hair and makeup – not to mention the bridesmaid dresses.

How to plan a wedding?

The cost of bridesmaid dresses can vary widely and it’s up to the bride to decide who foots the bill, or if she wants her girls to pay for their own gowns. Many brides choose to give their bridal party a color or fabric guideline and then let the girls pick their own style, which can help keep costs down.

Other brides will pay for their bridal party’s dresses in order to maintain a cohesive look on the big day. This is usually the case when a bride has her heart set on a particular dress and is willing to compromise to ensure her bridal party are happy with the end result.

If the bride does want her bridal party to pay for their own dresses it’s recommended that she provides a budget of around $200-500 per dress so they have enough time to save up and purchase their gowns. If this isn’t possible it’s suggested that the engaged couple step in to cover the cost and work it into their wedding budget if needed. This way no one feels slighted and it gives them the freedom to spend money on something they really want.

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