Prints on Metal

Prints on metal | Canvas n Decor are a great way to spruce up your wall with a beautiful piece of artwork. These prints are durable and archival, so you can enjoy them for years to come. They also come without a frame, giving you a cleaner look that will stand out in your home or office.

How thick is metal print?

They are a great choice for high contrast photos and art with deep colors such as landscapes or nighttime photography. These prints can be made of steel or aluminum and work well in both indoor and outdoor settings, depending on your decor.

The process of printing on metal involves infusing a photo with dye sublimation onto an aluminum plate. This process is done in a press, which uses heat and pressure to transform the paper into a gas that can then be transferred to the surface of the metal.

Once the photo has been transferred to the metal, it’s exposed to acid for a period of time. This will create recesses in the metal that will hold ink.

This allows for a much better reproduction of colors than you could achieve with traditional printing methods. It can even be used to make darker shades pop more effectively.

It’s important to choose the right images for metal printing, though. Many image types don’t work well with this technique, including those that rely on softness and blur.

If you’re thinking about getting a print on metal, be sure to pick a high-quality company and the best quality aluminum possible. Avoid cheap knock offs that won’t last a lifetime.

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