Finding Property For Rent in Malta

Malta is an ideal place for property renters as it is a small island, accessible from most major European and North African airports and boasts excellent weather all year round. Its proximity to major tourist attractions, beaches and sporting activities make it an attractive destination for both local and international residents alike.

How to rent a property in Malta?

Finding a long rentals Malta is made easier by enlisting the help of an experienced real estate agent. These professionals can take you through all the steps from start to finish, including presenting you with a list of suitable properties and organizing visits to each one.

A good estate agent should also be able to guide you through all the necessary aspects of the tenancy agreement, such as utility rates, deposits and termination clauses. These are important points to consider as they can affect your financial future in Malta.

Long-term rentals are available in Malta and can include apartments, penthouses, maisonettes, villas and farmhouses on a lease basis. Prices vary according to the type of property, duration and location.


There are 2 different utility rates for domestic use – the Residential rate and the Domestic rate (typically for second homes) which can be up to 50% – 100% more than the Residential rate depending on consumption. Therefore it is important to check with the landlord and register your utilities in your name or to ensure that you pay a fair rate.

A good real estate agency should have a team of experts who can assist you throughout your move. Whether it is finding a home to rent, helping you get a mortgage or offering assistance with the legalities of moving abroad, these specialists will be there to support you.

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