What Do Property Buyer Agents Do?

Property Buyer Agents help clients buy real estate, usually residential homes or investment properties. The agents act as the client’s advocate and guide during one of the largest financial transactions in their lifetime. They are experts on the local market, can negotiate a purchase price and assist in navigating complex local real estate laws.

The agent will typically start by finding out what the client wants and can afford in a home or investment property. They will then comb through listing websites, make inquiries and scour property databases to produce a shortlist of suitable properties for viewing. Often, they have relationships with other real estate professionals (seller’s agents and brokers) which enables them to access properties that may not be listed or available on the market, such as off-market sales and private listings.

Navigating Real Estate with Expertise: The Role of Property Buyer Agents

Once the buyers have a shortlist of properties they’ll join the clients at property inspections and open houses to provide a second set of eyes, answering questions and offering insights based on their expertise. They can also ask the seller’s agent or FSBO sellers questions about a property to gain insight into the seller’s motivation and background, the property’s condition and any issues that may be hidden from the buyers’ view.

As part of their fiduciary duty to the client, the agent can supply detailed property evaluations and opinions on current market value. They can then advise on an offer price, and if needed, negotiate the terms of any loan or settlement. The agent can also assist in coordinating building and pest inspections, and help facilitate the exchange of contracts.

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