Orangery Extension

orangery extension uk

If you’ve decided to build an orangery on top of your home, you’ll need to factor in the cost of planning permission, building permits, and construction time. While a traditional extension is rarely considered permitted development and is not subject to planning permission, an orangery will usually require some form of planning permission. Both types of extensions add extra living space to your home and can raise the value of your property. While orangeries usually have single storey construction, traditional extensions may be built with a double or triple-storey structure. Click Here –

Planning Permission and Construction Costs

The cost of building an orangery is dependent on the size of the building, the number of rooms it needs to accommodate, and the level of complexity. A medium-sized orangery costs approximately PS26,000, while a large one costs between PS30,000 and PS60,000. The time required to complete the project varies depending on the size of the orangery and the number of rooms you want to add.

Orangeries are great additions to a home as they tie together two parts of a house. They can be used for sunny dining rooms, casual seating areas, or home offices, and can help bring more natural light into the main rooms. Some orangeries even double as property extensions, transforming your home from a sunroom to an elegant living room.

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