Metal Prints – A Modern Way to Display Photos and Artwork

Metal prints are becoming increasingly popular as a unique way to display photos and artwork. These eye-catching prints feature incredible color accuracy, vivid detail, and exceptional durability. They also offer a more modern aesthetic than traditional photo prints and canvas prints. Their versatility in style makes them ideal for a wide variety of home and office decors, making them a popular choice for both professional photographers and casual artists.

What are metal prints?

Unlike framed art, metal prints do not contain glass and are therefore less prone to glare. They are also more resistant to heat, humidity, and surface scratching. Additionally, they are a much lighter material than framed art and can be easily moved, cleaned, and repositioned. In addition, they do not warp or bubble like paper or canvas prints. These qualities make them a great option for humid areas or those with children or pets.

When choosing a company to create metal prints, look for one that offers custom sizes so you can be sure that your print will fit the space you are creating it for. They should also provide options for the type of finish you want. A glossy finish is perfect for eye-catching images with vibrant colors while a matte finish is great for more subtle photos or a more rustic look.

Finally, consider how you will hang your metal print. Some companies will include a special hanging kit while others require you to purchase your own mounting hardware. The hardware should be easy to use and sturdy enough to hold the weight of your print.

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