Fallen Angels Names and Meanings

When it comes to fallen angels, the names that they are known by can reveal a lot about their powers and personality. Fallen angels are malevolent spirits that were once created by God, but then turned against him and are now associated with evil and darkness. This fascinating realm is a captivating place that challenges the boundaries of faith and invites individuals to explore the mysterious and complex nature of these divine creatures.

The 7 fallen angels names and meanings  we will look at is Lucifer, also known as Satan. Lucifer was created by God as a good angel, but then became jealous of his creator and wanted to become equal with him. When this happened, he rebelled against his creator and was kicked out of heaven with the rest of the fallen angels.

The Forbidden Seven: Unraveling the Names and Meanings of Fallen Angels

Other fallen angels names and meanings that we will look at include Azazel, who is the leader of the fallen angels. He is also associated with the scapegoat ritual in the Bible, in which a goat was burdened with the sins of the community and then sent into the wilderness. Samael is another fallen angel who is associated with death and destruction. He is sometimes depicted as a demonic figure with wings and horns.

Other fallen angels names include Abaddon, who is a master destroyer and takes pleasure in ruining things. He is the sixth fallen angel. Other fallen angels names are Armaros, who is the 11th Watchman and taught humanity how to make and solve enchantments. Fell angels can also appear as a dragon or a thrush.

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