Etna Excursions From Taormina

Etna excursions from Taormina

You can book etna da taormina if you want to see the most active volcano in Sicily. Most tours take you up to the southern part of the volcano, where you can see the lava flows and ancient craters. You can even go inside an extinct crater! And when you’re done, you’ll see the entire Ionic coast. And it’s all possible in just one day!

There Are Several Different Tours From Taormina To Etna, So Book Yours In Advance

If you’re not a skilled driver, it can be nerve-wracking to drive around Sicily’s winding roads. However, you can save your nerves by booking a shuttle bus. Not only can you visit Mount Etna, but also explore the island’s wildlife sanctuary. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to try Etna doc wine, which is produced at the volcanic crater.

The Rifugio Sapienza is the perfect place to start your Etna excursion. At 1,900 meters above sea level, you’ll be able to hike among the lava stones and craters. You’ll also have the opportunity to sample delicious honey. And if you’re lucky, you’ll have a chance to taste the famous honey on the island. Whether you choose to climb Etna by foot or take a cable car, you’ll be glad you did!

Mount Etna is easily accessible from Taormina. It’s a one-hour drive away and offers many ways to explore the mountain. Whatever your level of expertise, there is an Etna excursion in Taormina for you. And if you’re not a climber, don’t forget to try a glass of wine. The area also has a rich wine tradition.

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