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Max Allegri denied he told Juventus director Cristiano Giuntoli to leave during Coppa Italia celebrations and says he has the respect of all staff.

Rasmus Hojlund broke his 10-game scoring drought for Manchester United in a dramatic Old Trafford encounter with Newcastle. Plus, Brighton chief executive Paul Barber talks Roberto De Zerbi future; a successful season; fans expectations, and the club’s ‘New Deal’.

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How to Cook Frozen Cod


Standing in your grocery store seafood department, you see a counter with fillets of salmon, frozen cod and tuna bedded on ice, awaiting tenderness. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the store, packages of those same fish and more await behind a freezer glass door, each fillet vacuum-sealed, ready to be whisked home.

  1. Quality Frozen Cod: Elevate Your Culinary Creations

Research shows that frozen fish can be as good as fresh, or even better, provided it is handled correctly. It’s an innovation that decreases waste, and helps bring seasonal bounty to the tables all year round.

The most important thing when cooking cod is to ensure that the internal temperature reaches 145°F as measured by a food thermometer. This will ensure that the cod is cooked through, and that it won’t turn out rubbery or dry.

It’s also important not to overcook the cod, as that will make it tough and dry. The best way to test for doneness is to insert a fork into the thickest part of the cod, and twist it gently. If the flesh flakes easily, it’s cooked through.

There are many different ways to cook cod, and it’s important that you season the dish properly. For example, a salt and pepper rub will give the cod great flavor, or you could try using our Herbs de Provence-based seasoning salt. Other spices you might want to try include lemon zest and chopped garlic. Adding other ingredients such as vegetables or potatoes can be great, but they need to be cut into small pieces to allow them to cook evenly.

The Health Benefits of Snus


Snus is a smokeless tobacco product that originated from a variant of dry snuff in early 18th-century Sweden. It consists of coarsely ground, moist tobacco, packed into pouches and placed under the lip for extended periods as a form of sublabial administration. It is not fermented, and it is therefore less likely to irritate the gums than chewing or dipping tobacco products. It also doesn’t require spitting which reduces the risk of mouth cancer.Source:

The popularity of snus was further increased after it became clear that smoking increases the risk of lung disease and other health problems. Since then it has been a major harm reduction tool used by smokers to help them quit. Several studies have shown that snus can significantly reduce the nicotine dependency of a smoker and contribute to their cessation of smoking.

From Pouches to Portioning: A Comprehensive Guide to Snus Packaging

Unlike chewing and dipping tobacco, which is usually fire-cured and therefore contains high levels of the carcinogens, nitrosamines, which are thought to be responsible for oral cancer, snus undergoes steam pasteurization, much like milk, which significantly reduces the formation of these chemicals. The snus is moist and sold in pre-packaged pouches, most of them flavored, with the largest producer being Ettan.

A recent study compared the smoking habits of people who only ever use snus with those of people who only smoke cigarettes and found that heavy snus users were half as likely to be smokers. This suggests that snus can act as a gateway product, but the evidence also shows that it offers substantial health benefits over smoking and should therefore be considered an acceptable alternative.

Weedmaps Santa Ana CA

Weedmaps Santa Ana CA

Weedmaps Santa Ana CA

Weedmaps Santa Ana CA is a vital component of the community’s culture. The area is renowned for epic surfing and beaches, amazing museums and shops, and an open and laidback cannabis culture. A variety of recreational dispensaries cater to the local adult-use/medical marijuana communities, offering top-of-the-line products in a welcoming environment.

A favored dispensary in Santa Ana is Evergreen, a Proposition 64-compliant marijuana shop that consistently exceeds industry standards to provide the best possible customer experience for new and connoisseur customers alike. Its knowledgeable budtenders offer extensive knowledge to help customers understand the different cannabis experiences available and choose what product is right for them.

A Closer Look: Dispensary Scene in Santa Ana

For cannabis consumers looking to take their experience to the next level, the Evergreen Santa Ana team also offers educational seminars and other events that promote responsible cannabis use. It is important to remember that it is still illegal to consume cannabis within 1000 feet of a school, youth center or daycare facility, and to drive under the influence of marijuana.

The Best Ways to Follow Your Favorite Sports Online

The Best Ways to Follow Your Favorite Sports Online

Whether you’re a die-hard fan ค้นพบการพนันที่ดีที่สุดที่ UFABET.Tax or just starting out, there’s never been more ways to watch sports. Gone are the days when you’d need a cable subscription to watch a game or two—now you can enjoy live streaming services on your mobile devices and laptops. These apps and websites keep you up to date on the latest news, scores, and highlights from your favorite teams, as well as connect you with fellow fans in a vibrant community.

The official app for the MLS provides lightning-fast updates, match schedules and more for all your favorite soccer matches. It allows you to personalize your feed by following the teams and leagues that matter most, while also providing in-depth analysis from top writers and analysts. It offers real-time notifications and a chat feature to allow you to connect with fellow sports enthusiasts.

The Best Ways to Follow Your Favorite Sports Online

The Yahoo Sports app is a popular choice among sports fans for its news and stats across a huge range of leagues, including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA golf, English Premier League soccer, MMA and more. It’s available on both iOS and Android, and it’s easy to customize your newsfeed based on the teams and leagues you follow. It also allows you to set up alerts and notifications to make sure you never miss a minute of action. You can even use it to find and stream live games, and it’s compatible with Apple News+, making it one of the best ways to follow your favorite teams.

Master the Violin With Singapore’s Leading Lessons


Master the violin with Singapore’s leading lessons

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced player, there are many options available for those wanting to master the violin with Singapore’s leading lessons. It is important to choose a teacher who can understand your learning needs and provide you with personalized instruction. Some teachers focus on technique, while others may emphasize musical expression and interpretation. Some also teach group classes, which can be beneficial for students who enjoy being part of a group and learning ensemble skills.

  1. Elevate Your Craft: Premier Violin Lessons in Singapore

In addition to violin lessons, it is also helpful to have regular practice sessions at home. Ideally, you should spend 30 minutes to an hour practicing each day. This will allow you to make the most of your violin lessons and help you develop a strong foundation for your playing.

Another aspect of violin lessons is music theory. This can be confusing at first, but it is necessary for a student to understand the language of music. This includes understanding note value and rest values, reading notes on the treble and bass clefs, and understanding time signatures. It is also important to understand how to play scales and arpeggio, as these are the building blocks of improvisation and melody.

Lastly, it is essential to participate in performance opportunities when possible. These are a great way to showcase your progress and build confidence in your abilities. Many violin teachers offer group performances, which are a fun and rewarding experience for students. In addition, there are often several music competitions held throughout the year, which give students an opportunity to challenge themselves and earn recognition for their talents.

AI for Seniors – Enabling Seniors to Enjoy Life in Their Own Homes

AI for Seniors enables seniors to enjoy life in their own homes, making the journey of aging less daunting and enriching. From medication reminders to a sense of community, AI-enabled home healthcare tools support independence, safety and wellbeing, all while keeping medical costs low.

The Transformative Potential of AI for Older Adults

AI companions equipped with advanced monitoring functions continuously monitor seniors’ health indicators and alert caregivers or medical professionals in case of worrying developments. These features help ensure that seniors adhere to prescribed medications and reduce the risk of accidents and other emergencies.

They also actively stimulate seniors’ minds through engaging cognitive activities, such as games, quizzes and debates, to delay the onset of mental decline. In addition, they provide a regular source of social solace and offer a high degree of customization to address their unique needs over time.

Furthermore, AI-based home care tools enable family members to remotely check in on their elderly loved ones through remote communication and video conferencing functions. This offers a much-needed peace of mind for both parties, helping to foster trust and alleviate caretaker discomfort.

The key to achieving successful implementation of AI for Seniors is to carefully balance considerations of privacy, autonomy and security with the potential benefits that these technologies can offer. For instance, gradual integration and patient education is critical, as are regular check-ins with users to ensure that they feel comfortable using the devices and that they understand how their data will be used. Moreover, extensive testing and a user-friendly interface must be considered, especially for seniors with varying degrees of technological proficiency or physical capabilities.

The Importance of Diversity and Inclusion in Football

With a diverse workforce, sports organizations can attract more talent and provide better experiences for their customers and fans. They can also better understand and connect with their communities and enhance their reputation and public image. Additionally, they can improve governance and risk management by reducing potential legal risks, and foster a more positive and supportive culture.Check this out :สมัครสมาชิกที่ www.UFABET

To achieve these goals, sports organizations must develop and implement diversity and inclusion policies and practices. These should include establishing clear and measurable targets, ensuring that the right people are in leadership roles, and providing resources to encourage participation and engagement.

– Representation matters: Ensure that the club’s staff, coaches, and board members are diverse. This allows for a variety of perspectives to be heard and drives change.

Team Spirit: Diversity and Inclusion’s Importance in Football

– Diversity enriches the culture: Clubs are reevaluating their recruitment processes to include more diverse candidates, recognizing that a more inclusive team culture benefits performance.

– Inclusive environments reduce the risk of discrimination, harassment, and other misconduct. For example, research shows that a more diverse and inclusive environment is associated with lower levels of racism, sexism, and homophobia.

– Inclusion is a process: A more inclusive football environment takes time to build, and clubs should be encouraged to report instances of bias and discrimination. In addition, they should have protocols and training for their staff to escalate incidents and make sure they have the support they need to be successful.

Crystal Prime 7000 All Flavors Review


Crystal prime 7000 all flavours is a disposable vape that not only looks stunning with its crystal clear colourful full 3D effect but also delivers on performance. The built-in 600 mAh battery and 1.2Ohms mesh coil system enhances your vaping experience with its efficient vapor production and nuanced flavour delivery.

Its innovative e-liquid blends allow you to experience the most exquisite fruity flavours that are perfect for vapers who enjoy fruity or dessert-like flavours. Take a stroll down memory lane with Skittles, a vibrant and playful taste that evokes the flavour of everyone’s favourite rainbow-coloured candies. Its irresistible medley of assorted fruits glide over your palate with every inhale and exhale, earning this e-liquid its spot among the best crystal prime 7000 flavours.

Crystal Prime 7000: Exploring All Flavor Options

Another sweet flavour that belongs in the list of crystal prime 7000 all flavours is Cherry Watermelon, which offers a burst of summer flavours that tantalises your palate with its refreshing and sugary juiciness. Alternatively, you can try Gummy Bear which will transport you to your favourite candy shop and offer you an irresistible mix of fruity sweetness reminiscent of chewy gummies.

There is also the refreshing Watermelon Ice that offers a juicy and icy sensation for your palate. The coolness of the menthol is perfectly blended with the mouthwatering taste of fresh slices of watermelon, elevating it into a refreshing flavour that is ideal for any occasion. Another great option is the Blue Sour Raspberry that is a balanced blend of natural sweetness and sourness that appeals to vapers who prefer a tangy yet sweet experience.

Cost For Youtube Ad – How Much Does a YouTube Ad Cost?


YouTube is the second largest search engine, and advertisers rely on it to promote their business in the form of videos. While this is a great advertising platform for businesses to increase their visibility and generate leads, the cost of YouTube ads may be prohibitive for some companies. This article will discuss how much a video ad on YouTube costs and provide tips on how to lower the overall ad cost.

The cost for YouTube ad depends on the type of advertisement that is run. There are 6 different types of YouTube ads, and each ad format has a different price point. Bumper Ads are 6-second videos that must be watched before a user can watch their intended video, Sponsored Cards display content that is potentially related to a video (such as mascara for a makeup tutorial), Overlay Ads appear on the bottom 20% of a video, and Skippable Video Ads allow users to skip the ad after 5 seconds.

Understanding the Cost for YouTube Ads

There are two pricing models for YouTube ads, cost-per-click and cost-per-view. Cost-per-click ad campaigns use a bid system similar to Google Search, where marketers select their maximum cost-per-click budget.

Cost-per-view, or CPV, ad campaigns use a view count to determine the cost of an ad. A view is counted when a viewer watches at least 30 seconds of a skippable ad or interacts with the ad in some way, such as clicking a Call to Action overlay. For this reason, it’s best to experiment with your ad campaign and optimize your bids as you see results.